Harvest Lane Honey Bee Hive Stimulant

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Bee Hive Stimulant can be used as an additive to sugar water in order to stimulate feeding and help promote the buildup of packages, nucs, swarms, or weak colonies.  It can be sprayed on plastic foundation to enhance acceptance and encourage comb building.  16 oz bottle.

Mixing Directions:

Sugar Water: Mix in 1 oz  Bee Hive Stimulant per quart of sugar water mix. Pour into your feeder.   

Spraying Frames: 1oz Bee Hive Stimulant per quart of 1:1 sugar water (1 part water and 1 part sugar)

Contains: all natural, food grade ingredients consisting of sucrose, water, spearmint oil, lemon grass oil, and lecithin.

Shake well before use. Settling can occur.

Apply with Honey Supers removed and NOT during Honey Flow.

WARNING: Not for human consumption.  Keep sealed and away from children.  User assumes full liability of use.