Chicken Outfitter XL Chicken Coop

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Chicken Outfitter XL Chicken Coop
Chicken Outfitter XL Chicken Coop
Chicken Outfitter XL Chicken Coop
Chicken Outfitter XL Chicken Coop
Chicken Outfitter XL Chicken Coop

Welcome to your new backyard coop! The Chicken Outfitter XL coop is a true walk-in coop, standing 75” tall at the peak. With a footprint just over 8’ x 8’, there’s plenty of room for 10 – 15 chickens comfortably.

Full dimensions: 106”L x 104”W x 75.2” H.

The construction is sturdy treated Chinese Fir that has been wind and moisture tested for quality, and includes a full shingled roof.

You’ll love all the access points on this coop! There are four nesting boxes on each side with exterior openings, making egg collection a breeze. The front of the coop features a full walk-through door for you, and a mini-door for your flock. At the rear of the coop you’ll find three pull-out trays for easy cleaning, a large door for easy access to the roosting area, and a lower storage area for extra supplies. The back also includes 3 vented windows for keeping your birds cool in summer months.

All hardware is included for assembly, and requires the use of a screwdriver or electric drill.

Mfg #: FHC20-94

*Please note that there will be a restocking/shipping fee of $150.00 on all returned coops.

Roosting chickens

If you don’t have a hatchery nearby, ordering chicks online is a great alternative! Here you’ll find the answers to some frequently asked questions about mail-order chicks!


How do you ship chicks?

Chicks are shipped through the US Postal Service. They are the only carrier service that will handle chicks. Once an order leaves the hatchery, it will arrive at your local post office within 2 to 3 days. Your post office will notify you that your chicks are available for pick-up with the phone number provided in your order. It is your responsibility to pick up your chicks from the post office immediately. The postal service will not deliver chick orders to your residence.


How can chicks survive shipping?

We ship chicks when they are a day old. Newly hatched poultry have a 3-day supply of yolk left in their system to provide for them the first 3 days of life. Also, the first 3 days of life the chicks have a great immune system to adapt to the changing temperature during travel. We pack the chicks differently depending on the time of year and current travel conditions.


Can I order fewer than 10 chicks?

We ship in lots of 10 because it helps the chicks stay warmer during shipping. If we send less than that, there’s a greater risk they wouldn’t survive shipping. If your neighborhood only allows for 5-6 chickens, consider splitting an order with a friend or neighbor!


Can you guarantee my shipment of pullets won’t have any roosters in it?

We do our very best to correctly determine the sex of chicks before they ship, but it is challenging!  We guarantee 90% true to sex on all pullet orders.


Where are your chicks shipped from?

Our chicks are shipped from Mt. Healthy Hatchery in Ohio, and Ideal Poultry in Texas.


How long will it take for my chicks to ship?

It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for your chicks to ship from the hatchery, depending on their hatching schedule and time of year. During peak chick season, shipping times can be longer. You will be given an estimated shipping date within 3 days after placing your order, and tracking for your order is provided once your chicks have left the hatchery.


What if my chicks don't survive?

We take every precaution to securely package chicks for shipping, but sometimes casualties occur. If some of your chicks don't survive shipping, or if your chicks die within the first 24 hours of arrival, contact our customer service department at


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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