Ways to Increase Egg Production

After raising your chicks into beautiful hens and roosters, the egg production begins! Some days you collect only a few eggs, while others you get a ton. You may be wondering, “How do I keep my egg production consistent?”

In ideal conditions and good health, a hen will lay an egg every 25 hours. So, if you have 12 hens you should get around a dozen eggs a day. Here are some helpful tips and products to keep your egg supply plentiful.

Good Quality Feed:

There is no need to go crazy with an expensive feed for your flock. Pick one that provides the nutrients they need. Kent® Home Fresh® Extra Egg Layer feed has all the ingredients your hens need to be successful egg layers. There are also other great options of feed to choose from, make sure you are choosing a complete nutrition feed.



Natural or artificial daylight simulates the reproductive system of your hens. Typically, they will lay more eggs in the spring and summer because the daylight is natural and lasts longer. You can help maintain your hens egg production in the fall and winter by using artificial daylight. Installing low wattage light bulbs in your coop will provide them with the daylight their bodies need to produce successfully. Installing a timer can also help maintain the same daylight schedule. Around 16 hours of light a day is the ideal amount to keep egg production up.

Feed Additives:

Protein is one additive that is very helpful in producing strong eggs. Our Backyard Boost Daily Defense will provide natural protein along with other vitamins and minerals to maximize hen health and egg production. To see the best results, sprinkle on your flocks feed daily.

Scratch grains are also a great feed additive. They contain seeds and grains which also provide extra protein to your flock. Scratch grains should be fed once a week. They also encourage your flock to naturally forage around for their food by pecking and scratching at the ground to uncover the grains.

Calcium is also very beneficial in producing large healthy eggs. Crushed oyster or eggshells sprinkled on your flocks feed will add the extra calcium your hens need. You can use water additives to add calcium their diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids promote healthy digestive systems in chickens. They also help produce deep colored egg yolks that contain more protein. Using a supplement such as Manna® Pro Omega Egg Maker or Strong Animals® Golden Graze will provide your hens with the extra nutrients they need to produce eggs high in protein.


Stress-Free Life:

Hens that are stressed produce fewer eggs. Providing your flock with a consistent schedule, including wake up time, feeding times and bedtime will help eliminate stress. Using a timed automatic coop door would ensure that they have the same daily schedule. This schedule will provide them with enough daylight, feed and exercise to produce the maximum eggs.

Providing a safe coop and run or free-range area will also eliminate stress. Make sure your flock is protected from all predators by securing their coop and run areas. Predators will dig or climb to gain access to your hens so keep that in mind while providing protection. Using our hardware cloth around your coop will add the extra protection they need from predators.

Following these tips and tricks will help your egg production stay steady, providing plenty of eggs for you and your family!