The Perks of Installing an Automatic Coop Door

Chickens are a creature of habit. Creating a daily schedule is important to make sure your flock can absorb as much daylight as possible. Letting them outside in the morning and putting them to bed at night is an important part of their routine. Adding an automatic coop door to your chicken coop is a very helpful tool.

Opening your coop door around the same time each morning, typically around sunrise allows your chickens to run and absorb sunlight during the day. An automatic coop door would do this chore for you each morning. It has a timer that you can set that will open it at the same time each morning. If you’ve set your coop door to open in the morning but it’s not light out yet, typically your chickens won’t leave their coop until the sun rises.

If you won’t be home during the day, its best to keep your flock in an enclosed run area. Keeping them confided will not only protect them from predators (foxes, dogs, raccoons, hawks, etc.), but will also keep them out of the road, and away from your neighbor’s property. Its best to allow your flock to free range while you are home and can keep an eye on them, unless you know your chickens well enough to stay away from danger.

As the sun sets, your flock will naturally migrate towards their coop. Having your automatic coop door scheduled to shut around the end of sunset will make sure your flock will be secured in their coop, protected from any prey. Repeating the same schedule daily will ensure your flock is safe and secure from any danger and allows more leeway for your daily chores.