Just an old-fashioned chicken blog…

Hey there, friend. My name is Charlene [friends call me Char, so that’s what you should call me too 😊], and I’m of this passionate poultry family at The Chicken Outfitter. We’re super happy you’re here and looking forward to sharing a bunch of things with you for as long as we’re on this journey together.   We hope to mix some fun into really educational and helpful information along the way too!

As a poultry enthusiast with decades of experience finding, testing and using some of the best products out there, and raising my own flock; I decided it was high time to share my knowledge, recommendations and ideas with y’all about how to start, expand or improve your backyard chicken family. Everybody has to start somewhere, so, whether you’re a first-timer or a long-timer like me, I’ll be sure to do my best to make you “chicken smart.”

We’re in the chicken business for three reasons that are really important to us. We care about health. We care about sustainability.   And, we want everyone to get the same enjoyment out of raising chickens as we do.

When it comes to health, I think we can all agree that those of us committed to raising broods and clutches are doing it in large part because we care about our personal health and well-being, and about our family’s as well. We like the idea of organic food and understand that nowadays it’s easier than ever to farm our own eggs and fowl and have more control over what we put on our tables and into our bodies.

We’re looking forward to becoming a regular part of your journey as you raise chickens to provide your family with healthier food options; as you consider how raising your own flock can support other sustainable gardening for you and your family, and finally; as you see how much fun raising chickens can be.

Here’s to your success in raising a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable backyard flock!