Coop Tuck-in Service

Every evening it’s the same routine. Our girls (and one fella) expect to be ‘tucked in’ before they go in the coop. I know they’re ready for their tuck-in service when they line up at the edge of the fence and stare at the house. As soon as I step out on the back porch, they begin to pace back and forth along the fence-line quickly. As I get closer to the coop, I can hear their chirps of excitement.

Chickens at fence

We have a custom-built coop, with a run large enough for me to walk around in. As we were building the coop, this was my one request. I wanted to be able to spend time with them in their environment, to build trust with them. And although we do often let them out in the yard, I wanted to be sure they had plenty of ‘safe space’ to live.


As I enter the coop, they quickly run up the ramp to the platform in front of the coop door. They line up, waiting for me to pet their heads and give them a quick treat. Sometimes it’s just a handful of clover from the yard. Other times I’ll bring some Treats for Chickens Chicken Crack. Occasionally, our Ameraucanas will perch on my shoulder for a bit. Then, one by one they step through the coop door, satisfied for the evening.

This routine is one of the many things I love about owning chickens.