3 Reasons Why Mealworms are the Ultimate Chicken Treat


Although mealworms do not appear tasty to you, your chickens see mealworms as a delightful surprise. But they also pack some benefits for you too! Here are 3 great reasons why mealworms are good for your flock and for you:

  1. Your chooks will love you! As you know, chickens respond well to food and treats. Occasionally give the mealworm bag a shake, and watch your girls come running! They may even pick them right out of your hand. This is a great way to bond with your chickens. Like with any treat, don’t overfeed mealworms. Watch the recommended serving sizes and serve in moderation.
  2. Protein, protein, protein! Beautiful eggs are the ultimate reward of raising chickens! Adult laying hens need a steady intake of protein to support egg production. Eggs are packed with protein for you, so of course they require a balanced diet for your hens. Feed the occasional mealworm treat to help boost their protein intake, and keep the eggs coming.
  3. Mealworms help with molting. It all comes down to protein! Growing fresh feathers requires lots of protein. Most chicken-owners boost their flock’s intake of protein during molting season. Mealworms are nearly half protein, so they are the ideal treat for molting chickens. And you certainly won’t hear any complaints from your flock about the added treat!

Are you ready to treat your flock to this delicious treat? We’ve got you covered! We have mealworms dried and fresh, in cakes or bags. At Chicken Outfitter you’ll find the perfect treat for your chooks!